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Holiday Wish List

Make this holiday season that much sweeter with a Holiday Wish List from Goin’ Gaming!

Gamer Summer Camps

We’re gearing up for a whole new season of fun with our Gamer Summer Camps! Join us!

Super Students

Celebrate your hard work at school with our Super Students Program!

Holiday Wish List

Print and fill out this Holiday Wish List to give to your loved ones for holiday shopping. When they bring it in and make purchases from the list, they’ll receive a special seasonal gift!

Gamer Summer Camps

Check back for more information about our 2021 Summer Camps!

Due to the uncertainty related to COVID-19 and phase openings in Oregon, we are unable to sign up campers for the 2020 summer camp season. We look forward to seeing you next summer and will keep you updated as the situation progresses. Please check back periodically for more information.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to navigate these uncertain times. Please reach out to us through our Contact Page for the latest information on our group gathering and social restrictions.

Super Students Program

It’s as simple as bringing in your report card and going shopping!

At Goin’ Gaming, we support academic achievement at all levels. Through our Superb Students Program, students receive rewards for their hard work. Twice a year, students can bring in their report cards with B’s or better grades and earn up to 40% off their purchase of a new game to play!

To Participate: Start by bringing in your report card. We’ll help calculate your semester GPA and make sure all of your grades are B’s or better. Then, you’ll get your GPA x 10% off your purchase of new games to play! Your hard work deserves a reward!

Participation Rules:

  • Students must be enrolled 3/4 time or more for the entire semester.
    Report cards must show that the student completed all classes on the report card. While single classes are great to take and improve yourself, getting an A in Bartending 101 doesn’t really deserve the same reward a 12 credit semester does.
  • Students may use this discount 1 time per semester report card, up to a maximum of 2 times a year.
    We understand that some schools have trimesters or summer sessions, so to make it as fair as possible to all students, we limit it to 2 semester report cards annually. Report cards must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the semester.
  • Grades must be B’s or better.
    The Goin’ Gaming Super Students program rewards academic achievement. If your report card reflects grades of B- or below, you must work harder next semester. For elementary grades with narrative or numeric grading scales, the Goin’ Gaming staff will extrapolate your GPA from the report card. The Goin’ Gaming Super Students program rewards younger students in a way that encourages them to work toward getting all A’s and B’s in all classes once they enter middle and high school.
  • Games purchased must be new games and age-appropriate.
    The Super Students program rewards students for academic achievement. It is not to be a coupon for parents shopping for the holidays or personal games.
  • Students receive 10% x their semester GPA as a discount for a single purchase.
    GPA x 10% = Discount:
    4.0 (A’s) = 40% off
    3.5 (A-/B+) = 35% off
    3.0 (B’s) = 30% off