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Celebrating a birthday, graduation, or another milestone? Memorialize the big day with a party at Goin’ Gaming! Reserve our party room for any occasion, whether you are celebrating another trip around the sun or simply want to get the gang together for some extra fun. We’ve got a party package that will take your event from ‘meh’ to memorable!

Room Rentals

The Officer’s Lounge

$30/hr – 2 hour min
This party room has comfortable seating for up to 10 people.
This party room includes:

  • A rustic wooden table with plenty of plush, wide chairs
  • A couch for lounging
  • Television with HDMI input
  • Bluetooth sound tower
  • Cocktail arcade table

The Sunken Mess

Coming soon!

Hosted Events

Additional *$20/hr Includes:

  • Dungeon Master for a D&D game
  • Tournament Organizer for Magic the Gathering
  • Board game event
  • Pokemon

*Some events may require additional fees.

The Retro-Cade

Coming soon!

Grub & Grog Mini Menu

Chicken Bake: $5
Corn Dogs: $3
Cheeseburger: $6
Mozzarella Sticks: $4
Mini Street Tacos: $4
Pepperoni Pizza : $10
Chicken Taquitos : $5
Hot Pockets : $5
Chicken Fried Rice Bowl : $6

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