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Our unique Dungeons & Dragons experience grabs a player and pulls them into the game due to the heightened level of immersion we provide. Our adventures use a few of the alternate rules for Dungeons & Dragons and a few of our own, to craft a world full of possibilities.

Our Magical Component System awards players with real world trinkets and tokens that can be utilized to craft magic Items. They also receive some out-of-game “Gold” in the form of Salmonvale Doubloons. Some of our Magic items are real world props; for example that Everfull Mug you found in game might just be a physical cup that can be used for $1 off your fountain beverage every time you’re in store.

If you have played Dungeons and Dragons before, buckle up for a whole new experience. If you have never played before, get ready for your new gaming addiction.

The Magical Component System

This is where we are truly unique! For Salmonvale Stories and Adventures we have developed additional content based on some of the optional rules in the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. Our goal is to provide a fun and engaging experience for all of our players.

After you have slain the monsters and saved the town, you must have found some treasure in the bad guy’s pockets to pay you for your time and effort. Our Magical Component System awards players with some of their loot in real world trinkets and Salmonvale Doubloons that can be utilized to craft magical items or purchase magical items in the store. These will come with an information card that details what the item does in game, as well as any additional properties, such as consumable use. When you have collected enough items, you will be able to trade the card and the trinket in to craft an even more powerful item!

Cap’n Becky’s Grub & Grog

Cap’n Becky, a well-known skyship captain, has built this tavern on the edge of Salmonvale. The tavern has an excellent selection of food, ales, and ciders and it is known for hosting the Salmonvale Trading Post. Cargo looted from Cap’n Becky’s many adventures is sold and traded here. But only Salmonvale Doubloons are accepted for the rare items that she brings back, so come prepared! The tavernkeeper, runs a tight ship and is quick to get a customer’s order. Grub & Grog is the premier tavern in Salmonvale that caters to adventurers and many a tale has begun in its weathered taproom. It is rumored that a mirror shard portal, located in a private room, leads to other versions of Salmonvale across the multiverse.

Reserve a seat in one of the ongoing campaigns at Goin’ Gaming and Grub & Grog today! Your first adventure includes a mini of your choice and a set of dice to get you started! Enjoy our Magical Component Crafting System and take your gameplay to the next level with real world items! We’re all Goin’ Gaming, why aren’t you?

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