We all love Goin’ Gaming and having fun, but sometimes we have to talk about some serious stuff. The Oregon Health Authority has reported 3 new cases of COVID-19 in the Portland area and let’s face it – it’s coming our way. Over the past several years as we’ve had a few urgent situations arise (forest fire evacuation, street closure, etc.) we have tried our best to keep communication flowing with you (our customers), and now is no different. As we are sure that most of you are aware, there is a public health emergency at hand, and we need to address the situation before it becomes a problem.

We love our customers and we love all of the people who work here to make this place amazing. We want to do everything we can to make sure that you and they are safe. To that end, we are implementing the following changes immediately:

>We are rearranging our play areas to provide a less close contact environment. Since COVID-19 mainly spreads like the flu with coughing & sneezing delivering germs among people in close contact (about 6 feet), we are adjusting our seating to take this into account. This means that we will not be able to accommodate as many people as we typically do and events may be held in a different play space than usual.

>We have stepped up our cleaning guidelines with increased sanitizing of frequent touchpoints, including checkout areas, pin pads at the register, play tables, and door handles. We are also encouraging effective handwashing from employees and customers alike. We have two bathrooms available for soap & water washing as well as hand sanitizer available throughout the store.

>We are instructing our staff to be extremely aware of their personal health in addition to that of their immediate family & any party members sharing their hearth. We are also asking all of you to be watchful and comply with Health Official recommendations to stay at home if YOU are showing any signs of illness or have a fever.

With growing concerns on the spread of the Coronavirus, we will continue to monitor all updates and recommendations by the CDC, World Health Organization and the Oregon Health Authority. This is a fluid situation and conditions may change quickly so we have dumped all of our high rolls into our Dexterity & Constitution stats.

>We may be cancelling some of our events. Currently, the governor has banned all events larger than 250 people in attendance. We must be prepared for the possibility of that number decreasing to the point of affecting some of our larger events. Please keep an eye on our event schedules (FaceBook events & Google calendar) to stay informed.

>We may also ask you to play your games at home. That seems like a weird thing to do seeing as how we rely on you coming in, eating, and playing games to keep our lights on and our staff paid. But we want you to stay safe and that is one of our top priorities.

There WILL be more changes coming so PLEASE stay in touch and watch for more announcements as this situation unfolds. We will do our very best to communicate updates and keep all event calendars up to date.

The bottom line is that we want everyone to stay safe and we still want to be here to serve the community after this is over so… please remember to support the store through retail and/or food purchases whether you decide to come in and play with us or not.

As always, we are so thankful for all of the friends that we’ve met & the support that you’ve all given to develop our store’s community. We’ll always try to be here for you and hope that you’ll do the same for us.

Becky & Alan